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All video content available for download

Thanks to our customers writing in and asking for downloads of specific titles, the entire catalog is now online and can be downloaded.

I haven’t got round to updating every single page, but they are all there. If you want a video as a download, please type DIGITAL in the coupon box when you make your paypal order, or drop us an email when you order. I will then contact you with links.


Open session 9th June Chingford UK

This will be an informal session and is meant for people who have some familiarity with my work via DVDs/downloads and my Facebook page. I will be working to help you translate the rationale of my approach into your own applied practice. In that sense the workshop will be developed on-the-fly in response to what is happening in the room at the time. I will take individual problems that I see in the room and generalize from them to develop solutions for the group. We will be working on all phases of the fight from standup to ground, and all aspects of training. This will be an interactive session, and I will endeavour to answer as many questions as time permits.

As long-term followers of my work can attest, I don’t do open sessions very often. One reason for doing this session is to convey the most recent changes in my approach that have not been committed to video yet. I have a number of recent insights that will be useful to anyone looking to increase physical performance, whether for fighting or anything else. This is a rare opportunity for you.

The session costs £60 payable in advance. It will be held from 1-5 PM at Murray’s Martial Arts in Salisbury Road, Chingford E4 6TA. Directions to the venue can be found on their website. No equipment is needed.

To book a place, use the button below. We will fill the course on a first come, first served basis. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel, we will refund you in full. If you book and are unable to attend, we cannot refund you but in the event that we have a waiting list, we can transfer your place to someone else. On booking, we will send you an email confirmation within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from us within this time frame, please let us know.



Hi guys, Tricia here. I’m doing a little maintenance on the website and I can see that we have a lot of messages over the last several months coming in through the feedback mechanism. I’ll be completely honest: I forgot we even had this facility on the website, and I don’t have time to figure out how to turn it off. But it’s a terrible way to get in touch with Steve because he never checks it and it also picks up a lot of spam, so stuff gets buried.

If you’ve sent a message through the site, I’m sorry that we haven’t seen it! In future, please use Steve’s Facebook page or his email, which is stevemorris @ the address of this website. Thanks.

More downloads

Below is a complete list of downloads available so far.

If a title is listed as available digitally, please add the word DIGITAL in the coupon field of the paypal shopping cart to let us know you want a download. Only for titles listed as digital, please. Thanks.


Experimental Methods, Experimental Methods 2, Experimental Methods 3

Going to the Ground & Going to the Ground alt


Introduction to Training

Isometrics Theory & Isometrics Tips for Fighters

Knife Principles & Drills


Round Kick Clinic

Sparring Fundamentals



Selected content as downloads

Hi everyone, Tricia here. I’ve been making selected DVD titles available as downloads for some weeks now. This is still a trial run, so you can’t get instant access, but it’s much faster than waiting for the post.

Here’s how to do it. Look at the list of what we have, then order the DVD that you want as usual. Put a note on your paypal order or send us an e-mail or Facebook message to let us know you want the download. I will send you a link to the MP4 files asap for you to view online and/or download. I will also refund you £2.50 because we save on postage.

If you want something that isn’t on the list, it’s worth contacting me to ask if I can do it. The shorter the DVD, the more likely I can help you out. I aim to have everything up eventually, but if people ask me it gives me a nudge in the right direction.

Right now we have:

Introduction to Training

Experimental Methods 1

Isometrics Theory

Isometrics Tips for Fighters


Going to the Ground and sister DVDs


Flash DVD Sale

We haven’t had a DVD sale in quite a while, so will be discounting select DVDs from now until the end of January. Here are the titles on sale:

Sparring Fundamentals, Knife Principles & Drills, Advanced Knife:  each marked down from £32.50 to £22.00

Going to the Ground, Going to the Ground alt: each marked down from £47.50 to £30.00

Primal: marked down from £37.50 to £25.00

NHB 1 and NHB 1a: each marked down from £27.50 to £18.00


Sale ends 30 January.