Round Kick Clinic

£22.50 (worldwide shipping included) 1 hour

*Available as a digital download. See bottom of page for details. 

This is one of our most popular titles.  In analyzing the round kick, this DVD illuminates the principles behind many of the other technical points discussed here on the website.

Anybody who’s ever been on the receiving end of a Steve Morris low round kick knows that it’s not a pleasant experience. There is something about the way he puts the kick in that’s just vicious, and people find it hard to pick that up and duplicate it. But there’s no mystery. The round kick exemplifies many of the crucial components of the Morris Method: biomechanics (including internal/external alignments), tactics, development and release of power, penetration, emotional content and employment of the impression of needed response (visualization) . Now you can find out exactly how Steve does it. Teaching one-on-one to a handheld camera, Steve breaks down every aspect of the kick and shows how to kick, explosively and tactically, the way that he kicks.

The film is short and sweet at one hour. It’s pure technical genius.

NOTE: This title is also available as a digital download. If you would prefer a digital version, please enter DIGITAL in the coupon field at checkout. We will send you a link to access the files and offer a small refund on shipping costs. Please note that this is not an instant download–it has to be done manually at our end. It’s faster than mail, though.