Going to the ground alt list of topics

Triangulate principle

One arm controlling centre line

Dominant/helping hand

Pinning with elbow

Punch to control point transition

Punches & checks to takedowns

Bump to clinch

Driving the truck

Cross and twist principle

Wall escape

Bounce-off punches

Fitting in the small

Entry-breakdown-takedown principle

Gym vs street training

Chin for positioning

Forming objectives

Taking out slack

Tripod & steamroller

Cognitive models

Approaching the problem from different angles

Avoiding 50/50

Alignment and positioning for tactical advantage

Over the back grips

Ribs and hips for takedown

Shucking the head

Attack his attack

Isolate & finish

Hidden subs within position

Double twist

Drop weight entries

Different ways to get same effect

Beast with Five Fingers

Gift-wrap to back finishes

Foot sweeps

Kills not points

Monkey hand

Offering bait

Street dumps

Going for back

Wind-up and throw

Use whatever you get

Fitting within the transition

Eye drill

Stealth approach

Setting traps

Two hands on wheel

Arm twists

Kill the snakes

Hip crush

Compression holds

Pad for increasing pressure

Nailing to any point with any point

Climbing the tree

Fast finishes

…and more.

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