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For over fifty years my primary goal has been to rationalize combat so as to improve the fighting abilities of myself and others.  The rise of MMA and combat sports coupled with the advent of You Tube — enabling virtually everything to be filmed — ought to de-mystify the martial arts.  But unfortunately in the martial arts and self-defence industry the bullshit is so pervasive that many people don’t even know they’re standing in it up to their necks.If you’re a martial arts aficionado, then not everything on this site is going to be pleasant reading for you.  But remember that I could have cashed in on my grades and titles years ago if I was interested in profiting from telling people what they want to hear.  I won’t compromise my integrity for money, status, or recognition.  What you get on this site represents my best effort to inform you honestly about the reality of fighting and fight training—and knowledge like this belongs at the root of all martial arts. I teach in North London one or two Sunday afternoons a month. These are small, closed sessions where I work on and test my latest methods. I also teach once a month in Gloucester. I teach other groups across the UK by private arrangement. Contact me if you’re interested in attending an established session or arranging a new course.
I have an extensive library of video clips on You Tube. A range of video material is available as DVDs or downloads from the DVD shop. I have also posted an array of articles written over the past several years, including an autobiography. You can find me on Facebook. There’s a lot to look at on this site, but remember: nothing here is set in stone. I’m not stuck in the past.  After over fifty years in the martial arts, I’m still moving forward.

Steve Morris
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