In 2007 Mick Coup approached me showing interest in what I do.  This led to Lito Angeles inviting me to host a Q&A forum on Self-Protection Dot Com.  Soon after I began posting there, Lito departed.  For several months I maintained an active Q&A in the hope of shifting the focus in the self-defence field towards fight training as the best preparation for the street. In an effort to make my forum more progressive and productive (as well as accountable) I began to require that people post a clip of themselves training and/or fighting.  This seems to have been threatening to certain individuals over there.

As time went on I also took issue with the overall tone of the boards.  Eventually I decided it wasn’t the place for me and exited.

Because I had invested considerable time and effort in maintaining the Q&A, I asked Trish to save all of the threads, and here they are. 

I eventually found out that Brian S. had gone right through my forum and deleted every single one of his posts (apparently this was because I had required people to post clips of themselves and he didn’t want to do that).  Because of these deletions we don’t have a record of what Brian actually asked when he initiated questions, nor of what he may have posted in the threads.  However, there’s still some interesting material there–you just have to fill in the gaps for yourself. 

A couple of my own posts seem to have been mysteriously deleted as well; luckily we had them saved in our own records. 

I hope you’ll find this material informative.  We have preserved the discussion where it is topical, and trimmed some of the threads for the sake of space, but otherwise it’s unedited.  Subjects are not in any particular order.

Body Tempering

Dojo Martial Artist

Head-Center Connection

Asks From Brazil

Defensive Head

Your Training Programme

Multiple Attackers/Dissimilar Training

Thought Process in Morris Method

Quiet Bullet




Change paradigms

Woman fight

Front kick

Impressed? (leads through boxing to breakdancing to Sanchin)

Mike Tyson

Low round kick

No Adrenal Dump

Movement Patterns

Hitting from the Bottom Position/Skeletal Alignment


Terry O’Neill

Knife fighting

Open Letter to Dennis Jones re: Shikon

False Sense of Security?


Punching with Dumbbells

Mindset Again


Ju Jitsu

Functional Core Workout (leads to punching mechanics)

Chi sau

Jack Dempsey

Visualizing Scenarios

Fights at Earlham Street

Going for Broke