NHB 1A (Alternative)

One of the best DVDs we have made, this session was filmed in April, 2000, just prior to NHB1.  It has the same participants and covers many of the same topics. We released NHB1 as the main tape because it contained additional information in a ‘PS’ and was generally more comprehensive.

However, this DVD, NHB1A, contains superb rationale and demonstration of the principles of stance, positioning, alignment, development of explosive power over long and short distances and much, much, more. It is an excellent alternative version of the information presented in NHB1. A must for all MMA fighters as well as stand-up fighters.

£30.00 (worldwide postage included) Approx. 150 mins

£25.00 (digital – not instant) Approx. 150 mins

NOTE: If you choose digital download, we will send you download instructions by email. Please note that this is not an instant download–it has to be done manually at our end and can take 1-2 days depending on time zone