Concepts and Principles

This film consists of two discs. The first, approximately three hours long, was shot during a 2005 training session in Liverpool. The drills and conditional fighting methods shown here have arisen out of an understanding of the ‘fundamentals’ referred to elsewhere on this site. They are shown in an MMA context but can be adapted for other combative sports. This type of training is well in advance of anything we’d seen being done anywhere in the world at the time.

The second disc is a typical solo Morris ‘PS’ shot at home, and is packed with extensive explanation, demonstration, and analysis of the principles being trained in the session shown on disc one.

This DVD clearly outlines the fundamental principles and concepts by which to train for fighting. Without an understanding of these principles and concepts, you will be training by rote. Most fighters don’t know how to get past a plateau or realise their full potential because their training isn’t based on a knowledge of the fundamentals.

£30.00 (worldwide shipping included) 2 discs, approx 7 hours

£25.00 (digital – not instant) approx 7 hours

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