Morris Method 2

This dvd was filmed at the Tokei Gym in London in April, 2006 at a four hour course attended by about 15 professional and recreational fighters. The opening section briefly reviews the fundamental skills of NHB/MMA (stance, alignment, motion, changing level, penetration steps, sprawls, hip heists, etc). I then go on to explain why you need to make your work (anaerobic/strength/speed/agility/core stability/reactive power/body-weapon conditioning,etc.) specific to the fight you’re going to need to fight against a specific stylistic type, and show you how to do this within various fight scenarios and situations.

I then teach how to use equipment (dumbbells, medicine ball, hanging bag, ground & pound/dump bag, step-up boxes) in a way that is specific to NHB/MMA–most fighters use this equipment in a non-specific way, or borrow exercises from other sports. Here you’ll see the specific adaptations to NHB/MMA that I have devised. There is an emphasis on working in realistic, anaerobic, fight-based conditions. It’s no good having speed/agility, for example, unless you can retain it at high intensities for the full duration of the fight. You will see how all of this has been factored in to the way I train the drills.

The film then moves on to examples of technical drilling (simple and mirror) being performed at full power, including the rationale behind these forms of drilling. We also do conditional fighting and playfighting, both in their low-intensity forms (i.e., touch fighting without gloves) and at full power (gloves and headguards). This section includes standup and groundwork.

Finally, at the end of the dvd, some combative games are included which can not only be used as additional conditioning training, but also to lighten the mood after a punishing and gruelling workout.

And it goes without saying that, as in all my other films, there is loads of fight and training rationale sandwiched in throughout the session.

The quality, clarity and thoroughness of this film are comparable to NHB1 (and the camera work and sound are much, much better than Morris Method Introduction). Where NHB1 focuses more on in-depth theory and is limited to standup, this film includes all aspects of MMA training and is packed with drills that you can use immediately. It’s a highly practical addition to your training library.

–Steve Morris

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