Training Tips for Standup

One hour 35 minutes

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Feedback on the One-on-One: Round Kick Clinic DVD has always been extremely positive, and many people have asked for more videos in the same vein.     This One-on-One DVD focuses on some of the tips that I currently teach. Included are some of the ways I’ve developed to improve reactive power and its application within the time frames, angles and ranges of a fight on the feet.

I’ve written about a number of the ideas you will see expressed in the video, but now they are all shown in a manner that makes it easy for you to apply to your own practice.   This film is ideally suited for the individual.   It will aid solo practice, and if you work on these components on your own, you will see real improvements in your reactive power when you fight in the gym.

Topics addressed include:

Double-stretch theory and use of rapid repetitive movement to prep the CNS to produce more explosive force and imprint moves.

Isometric exercises and breathing methods to recruit a higher percentage of fast-twitch and superfast twitch muscle fibre, including isolating different phases of joint angular change to improve possible problems and emphasizing the initiation, development, and follow-through aspects of the strike.

Anticipatory timing and reactive timing

Head position in relation to target and range and positional angulation on the feet

Principles of hand-fighting

Synchronized/syncopated beats

Interval of time

Advanced double-hip principle

Vocalization and its link to core stability, power release, and cadence

Developing peripheral awareness and avoiding tunnel-vision

Visual tracking

Ways of stepping/weight transfer when striking

Use of head to shift weight

Application of Tabata Protocol to bag work, with an added psychological element

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