Advanced Knife

£25.00 (digital – not instant) approx 110 min.

A follow-up to Knife Principles & Drills, this DVD teaches advanced knife principles and dynamic new methods. The training is based on live exchanges and conditional fights, much in the manner of Sparring Fundamentals, where participants learn by doing. Numerous technical tips and key principles are included.

The material shown here is original and not available anywhere else. This DVD represents the most up-to-date and practical approaches to knife to date.

Recorded with Nick Forrer and Peter Vasylenko at Seishin Dojo.


Drilling in a compressed time frame

Stance/position to support dominant hand

Some simple controls and tie-ups

Floating back and entering while controlling the line

Snapshot interceptions/passes: conclusive exchange

Emotional involvement, speed, tension in fast hands

Use of hips/glutes to strengthen grip

Bringing knife hand to strongest point

Anticipatory awareness of next knife position

Alignment to reduce targets on your body

Grabbing drill for positional control

Permutations of interceptions

Working at high speed bursts

Disarm tips

Incorporating aggressor/dissimilar training

How to react to being cut

Adding entries to the drill

Retractile protection of your zone

Emergency trapping when stabbed

Twist before break

Grip isometrics at speed

Leverage shots around the corner

Stop/cross hand control

Snapshot disarms

Mindset and the reality of the attacker

Working in a confined space

Making distance and time with angles

Glute and delt isometrics for connectivity

Tension, body mechanics & synergy

Solo grip drills

‘You’re dead’ game

Reading predictive body cues

Allen key lock on wrist

Points for safe training

What are your options when you get the knife?

Red zone and being decisive

Importance of visual training

Explication of leverages

Carrying live tension

Detailed mechanics of long lever shots

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