Open Session 2018

£25.00 Digital version approx 3 hours **

This material is from a rare open training session in outer London from June 2018. Participants had never trained with me before, apart from Peter, Oli and Muz who are in the Enfield group and came along to help record the video. Because I had a diverse and unknown-to-me group I had to go back to the most fundamental aspects of training.

When I view videos of violent encounters (e.g. knife attacks) it is notable that usually failure occurs not because a person hasn’t trained in a system, but because there is a perceptual structural failure in their response. The body already contains movement solutions to problems that arise in life-or-death situations because that is what it evolved to do. Nevertheless, we need to know what these innate solutions are so that we can train the perceptual and structural system to improve what is already there. That is why this session focuses on structure and how to train it so that you can adapt to the unexpected and the chaotic.

Topics include:

  • Using balls of feet (proscenium corpuscles) to create link to hips/spinal engine
  • Being in running position
  • Simultaneous/reciprocal/asymmetric/bilateral coordinated hand movements to support tactical action
  • Using body to throw shots
  • Hands set pace of feet
  • Aversive & appetive movements initiated by the head
  • Sword and shield hypothesis
  • Peripheral and fovea vision
  • Ways of increasing reach (peripersonal space)
  • Using gravity
  • Discus thrown punch
  • Skip entries, escapes
  • Neural preps for hand and foot speed
  • Startle split step
  • Charlie Burley escape/draw and hook
  • Dead time on recovery
  • Stay off the X
  • Target rebound
  • Last six inches
  • Connecting shots to hip
  • Impact sound as feedback
  • Cross covers
  • Change of cues at very close range
  • Lateralization of brain
  • Hands never finished
  • Opposition thumb
  • Assisted grips
  • Movement detection drills
  • Hiding behind the hands
  • Tactical repurposing of walking
  • Chair ischium drill
  • Hands in pockets drill
  • Universal core movements
  • Tactical repurposing of movement
  • Cross-grip
  • System tension
  • Preload for startle
  • Clearing as you go
  • Knife assumption
  • Hands have a mind of their own
  • Red zone
  • Breakdowns to ground
  • How to increase crushing effect on ground
  • Towel drill (grips)

**NOTE: We will send you instructions by email. Please note that this is not an instant download–it has to be done manually at our end and can take 1-2 days depending on time zone and how busy we are.