Open Session 2019

£25.00 Digital download approx 3 hours *

We recorded an open session in May 2019 that is packed with information and demonstration. The session focuses on tactical application of alignment principles. Some of the topics covered are:

Hand adjustments for hitting from bad positions

Hips not knees as the basis for movement

Economy & necessity of delivering from everyday positions

Why you shouldn’t spend time organising your position

Exploiting the evolutionary relationship between the hand and the tool

Walking and switch steps: natural references

Three-dimensional movement problems, three-dimensional solutions

Simple ways of activating glutes and spinal engine

How to leave the hand out for follow-up to a shot

Being wary of biases introduced by bagwork

Rethinking the concepts of range & tempo: everyday life and the street

How to go backwards

Folding and falling

Vocalization, core, emotional intent, and timing

Shit on a stick principle

Training on failure

Loaded covers & repurposing movement

Simulate the event, not the move

Ordering as a whole

Long arm and everything you can use it for

Keeping your hand in: affordances & adaptability

How to go forward

Neural tricks to optimise visual input, hand speed, and punch delivery

Positioning and development of entries, including use of the head, body leverage, and knife consideration

Head/hips hinge

Pushing back off your opponent

Head as hunter, head as bait

Hitting off a turning door

Defence going backward

‘Butcher drill’ unpacked

Psychological tricks for knife defence

Simulation drills for neural prep

Grips and how to use them in context

‘Going round Tesco’s’ principle

Permutations on escaping grabs and grips

CNS loading strategies

Default noncompliance

Positioning for optimal line of sight

‘Bullfighter Drill’

Sword and buckler approach

Running position principle

Sinking the fist

Hip-fist connection and tests

Percussive exchanges

* Digital is not instant. We will contact you with download information within a day or two. Sorry, no DVD version available for this title.