Going to the Ground – Topic List

Topics covered in Going to the Ground include: 

Hand fight

Entry breakdown takedown

One two three

Still target

Up down forward back twist takedowns & throws

Head leads

Isometrics on wall

Drop knee shoulder leverage

Tripod leverage

Drop in entries (kill hips/kill legs, arms, body head)

Increasing pressure by leverage & gravity

Compression holds

Experimenting with sit-throughs, rolls to increase compression

Contact point as focus point

Take away working space/slack

How can a small person apply more pressure

Pinning with nail

Control the head to control hips

Switch control point

Ground isometrics in short or sustained periods

Float guard vs sink guard

Take down put in jail

Kill moving parts

Attacking free hand

Traps against body

Clinch constriction

Paper scissors rock

The Beast with Five Fingers

Flow drills with variations

Taking the back

Switch drill

Avoid 50/50

Hip & shoulder bumps

Footwork for entries

Red zone


Head chase drill

Dog chase drill

Neural prepping

Closing gap on entry

Covered entries


Clearing as you go

Fifth limb

Asymmetric reflex use

Climbing the tree

Pushing drills for entries

Endurance ground drills

20 x drill

Running the pole

Context of grappling

Lion vs. zebra

Slow in fast out

Hunting principle

60% fight back

Free fall drop


Sub-clavian submission


…and more…

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