Sparring Fundamentals

£30.00 (worldwide shipping included) 1 hour 48 mins.

£25.00 (digital – not instant) 1 hour 48 mins.

This is the first film in our catalog devoted wholly to sparring. It’s intended to enable you to use sparring in your training safely and for maximum learning benefits. The methods I introduce here can be worked through the full range of the fight and include transitions between the various phases of the fight standup to ground.

This is the same material I’ve been using recently to work with professional and amateur fighters I teach.  Everything I show on the film can be varied in intensity and you’ll see how you can work on specific skills in fight context according to your needs.

Filmed in December 2011 with Nick Forrer and Peter Vasylenko

I discuss the principles behind the DVD in a video you can watch on You Tube.

1 hour 48 minutes


Working from a survival basis; finding emergency exits
Alignment and angulation in the standup
Foot position to enhance mobility
Going through the hedge
Linking between foot, hip and hand alignment
Using the body as a pendulum
Developing a safe position to return to
Elbows linked to hip biomechanically & tactically
Guided missiles
Reactive, proactive and planned shots
Positioning to go in, to stay out, to move off
Crosshairs and body angulation for shots
The box/shell in sparring
Anticipation and red zone
Time on target inside and outside
Why are you there?
Ways of entering and shifting weight into the shot
Alignment and positioning for the clinch/throw
Multiple uses of the hip
Variable hand positioning
Halving your own beat
Footwork for the takedown entry/half man theory
Shoulder as an alternate sparring target
Not-hitting as a way of getting more live practice
Evasions off the hips not knees
Setting objectives for the technical spar
Foot alignment for the shoot
Knees for control in the takedown
Safe use of head kicks in sparring
Slower development, fast finish
Various types of head shot
Fitting in your own shots during opponent’s recovery
Crosshairs applied to round kick
Fitting in with the same leg
Seamless transition from shot to hold
Using the head to set correct angle
Conditional sparring with standup against shooter
Finding tactical opportunities to deal with counters
Using the spar to spot useful accidents
Evasive footwork against the shoot
Hitting at the shooter
Standup high-percentage hits
Using the retreat as a trap
Chasing with repetitive punches
Throwing power shots from almost-straight arm
Hitting and checking together
Using an elbow fold-in with no contact
Light handfight drill for position
Transition between the handfight and closing
Applying weight to point of contact
Body locks for positional control
High crotch out of handfight
Hitting instead of getting caught in the tie-up
Doing better than the 50/50 exchange
Focus on the objective not the means to get there
Throw yourself
Head as a fifth in throws
Conditional sparring to pass guard/GNP
Using kicks to keep opponent off
Methods for dealing with open guard from feet
Working in sidemount
Alignment/position for entering with strikes against open guard
Focus on his head
Dealing with the mount
Ground sparring for head control
Getting out and back to the feet for strikes
Sparring from half-guard
Driving diagonally up the body to escape half-guard
Working deliberately from a bad position
Ground flow with unpredictable fight missions
Retraction and using the shoulder to stop a choke
Touch subs flow drill for fast reactions
How many subs in a minute?
Sparring through all phases, the wearing of many hats
Sparring a learning process determined by the fighter

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